Create your own pasta? If I wanted to do that, I'd have stayed home and whipped up some Chef Boy-Ar-Dee!


Beer Break!

One of the things I like about New York City is that you can get a beer on almost any block. Be it a bar, or a deli like this one. Let's stop for a pause for the cause.

This one's nice because it's got a seating room. I can enjoy my beer and work on the blog.

Here's the tables and chairs up here.

Here's my work station, complete with beer and chips.

There's a nice view of the whole deli from up here.

I got baked potato flavored chips, which struck me as odd. Potato flavored potato chips? That's kind of blowing my mind!

So I tried one. It tasted like...potato. Mind = blown.


Ketchup and the Angry 7-Eleven Man

I have to admit, I've been obsessing over ketchup lately and I'm wondering what kinds of god-awful brands they must stock in 7-Eleven. Let's go look.

God I hate these places. They're so brightly lit they look kind of like a surgical room gone horribly wrong, with fumes of bad meat drifting in and out.

Speaking of bad meat, here's a couple of Venereal Diseased Hot Dogs. Deeelish!


Okay, I think I see the condiments section at the end of this aisle.

Well, I apologize to 7-Eleven, all they stock is Heinz. That still doesn't make up for their scary-ass rib sandwich, though!

Speaking of scary-ass things, seconds after I shot this a guy grabbed my arm and screamed out, "What are you doing?"

"Let go of my arm," I said pushing him away. "I'm taking pictures of ketchup," I told him when he released his grip on me.

"No pictures in here!" He yelled at me, even though he was less than half a foot away from me.

"I'm just taking pictures of ketchup," I told him amazed at how worked up he was.

"No pictures in my store," He continued to bark out in a Tourette's-like manner.

We argued back and forth and I told him it was a public place, he asked if I would like it if he came to my home and took pictures and I told him I could care less. Then I told him I lived two blocks away and invited him over to take pictures of my ketchup. He declined.

After awhile it got old, so I left, pounded on the window and took a photo of the angry 7-Eleven Man.

And once more with feeling! Goodbye, asshole!


Ham Sandwich and The Glory Hole Santa

I thought I'd have a sandwich before I went out, so I went to the corner deli and got a ham and cheese on rye.

The only problem here is that it's all ham. There's no cheese to balance it out. I don't think I've ever had a pure ham sandwich. It's kind of like slapping two pieces of bread on Porky the Pig's butt and biting in. Kind of of a gross mental image to have before dinner time!

Luckily, there's plenty of beer for dessert!

Okay, let's head out and see what the night brings! It's freezing out here!

Glory hole Santa alert! O, O, O!

Yikes, that was scary, let's walk down to 14th Street and see what's happening there. Oh, by the way, they also put mayonnaise on the ham sandwich and I hate mayonnaise. I guess it could've been worse, they could've slathered the thing with Crown Ketchup!


Good Afternoon—December 29, 2011

As mentioned in the post below this, I'm going to start doing this blog live, rather than posting it a day later. One thing I'm going to do is put up a post every day between 4pm and 6pm and let you know what time I think I'm going out. Usually when I'm working it'll be sometime between 10pm and 12am, but since I have tonight off, be looking for the first post around 7:30 pm tonight. Oh and in addition, these afternoon posts will include a totally random photo off the internet and a random link for your enjoyment. See you later tonight!

Today's Random Photo:

Today's Random Linkage.


MAD Blog Announcement

My work schedule is going to be changing in a month or so and I’ll write about that when it happens. I was going to change the style of this blog somewhat when that happened, but I’ve decided to do it now.

People have repeatedly asked me if I could do the blog “live,” meaning put up multiple posts pretty much as they happen instead of waiting and putting up one long post the next day. I’ve always thought that it would be interesting to try that out and was waiting for my schedule change to do it.

Well last week, while in Peoria, I kind of did it in that style and people really seemed to like it and I did too.
It was a lot more fun for me, kind of like doing improv, so that’s the way that MAD will be done from here on in. And no, it’s not the end of short stories or longer posts, just a little different presentation. Something to shake off the cobwebs a little.

I think the way I’ll do it is put up an afternoon post every day saying roughly when I’ll be going out and then later on, it’s MAD, almost live...from New York City! You can follow me live, or if it’s too late for you, just check in the morning for the entire nightly updates. And nothing’s in cement, except my shoes. And now, it’s time to swim with the fishes. Since I don’t have to work tonight, look for update’s to start happening around 7 PM. I hope to see you then, I'll also be announcing updates via Twitter and facebook.

Bonus Presents from Al Rizo in Miami!

MAD commenter and 365 Bar’s co-pilot, Al Rizo sent me a very nice Christmas package. Check it out below!

Last night when I came home I found this package propped up against my door.

Inside was a nice note from Al wishing me a Merry Christmas and all these goodies from Florida and Cuba! Coasters, swizzle sticks, matches and a bar back towel from Sloppy Joe's in Key West!

Thanks so much, Al! When you finally get out here to New York, the drinks are on me!

(Artwork by "Boris.")


Goodnight, Everybody


Home At Last


The plane is circling for the landing, I'm anxious to get home!

There wasn't a line at the cab stand and the sun is setting as we head into Manhattan.

And here I am at my building withthe festive wreath on it. Hmm...the door looks like something, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

And here's my door, I'm going to go in and collapse on my futon. Drinking Traveling all day can sure wear a guy out.

Aaaahhhhh! (And Gumby's consorting with him, the goddamned traitor!)

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