Marty After Dark is a blog that celebrates the nighttime and running around New York City when the sun goes down and sometimes before. Not much is planned and it's pretty much done as it happens via my laptop.

The two major insprirations for this blog are two TV shows. The first is the one where the name "Marty After Dark" is based upon and that show was "Playboy After Dark." This was a show I used to watch as a kid and it was hosted by Playboy magazine's founder and editor, Hugh Hefner. The show always started with an elevator opening up to a cocktail party hosted by Hef and a bevy of Bunnies, comedians, singers and a band would always perform for the party. It didn't get much cooler than that for a 11-year-old kid watching the late night show. And that kid was me.

The second TV show that's an influence and inspiration for this blog is Dave Attell's "Insomniac" show which ran on Comedy Central for three years. The show always started with Dave Attell finishing a show at a comedy club and then he'd go somewhere afterwards and the results were often hilarious and interesting.

So thanks to those two overnight influences, if this blog can be a quarter as good as either one, I'll feel I've done my job.

Marty After Dark is updated mulitiple times though the evening, subscribe or bookmark the page if you enjoy what's happening here so you don't miss a post. See you soon...after dark!

Chasing something in the night.