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July 31, 2011

Live from New York, it’s Cheeseburger Saturday Night! Starring Amity Hall with special guests Gene and Terry from the BBC and featuring the Ready For Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome tonight’s host, Amity Hall!

Out on the town with 2/3 of the BBC, Terry and Gene. We started out at my apartment. They generously brought some beer including...

One lone Sol to replace the former orphan. Okay, Britta, this beer's for you!

After a few pre-bar beers we head off into the night.

And here we are at Amity Hall. One of the last stops on the bar crawl last year. (See: "Further Reading," below.)

Here's two familiar faces, Shannon and Nav! Great to see both of them again and they remembered Gene and I from the bar crawl last year.

The BBC and me!

Teagan was also on duty and here she is gooning with Shannon!

Wooden candle-lit tables line the wall opposite the bar.

A shot of some of the bottles behind the bar.

MAD presents an exclusive "Behind the Bar" photo.

Shannon pours a beer...

While Teagan presents a cashew!

The condiments are placed on the bar which means dinner is not far away!

Gene and Terry got the Angry Burger which has spicy cheese inside. I got that last time and it was great, but I decided to go with...

The Sliders. I had a late lunch and wasn't that hungry, so I thought I'd try something not quite as filling. They were delcious, but I have to admit the Angry Burger is a little better.

But I'm not complaining, the sliders hit the spot.

As always Gene cleaned his plate and worked up a sweat while doing so!

After diner Shannon gave us shots of Jameson on the house.


As we were leaving we said goodbye to Nav who was in his DJ booth. He DJ's at Amity Hall Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am and is available for private parties and other venues. You can call him at 646-418-1180 or email him at: DJ Nav. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

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Five Other Halls
Carnegie Hall
Monty Hall
Rich Hall
Radio City Music Hall
Hall and Oates

If you're not an easy mark,
It's a shot in the dark that hits the heart.


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Bonus Photos By Gene and Terry At The Blarney Cove!

I had a drink with the BBC (minus Smoopy) at the Peculiar Pub after dinner and then pussied out and called it a night. They soldiered on to the Blarney Cove and here’s some photos of their time there, plus their bar crawling schedule from yesterday.

  • 1.   1:36 pm—McGuinness's Saloon (Queens)
  • 2.   2:23 pm—Gaslight (Queens)
  • 3.   3:45 pm—Valhalla
  • 4.   4:35 pm—Brickyard Gastropub
  • 5.   6:22 pm—Ipanema
  • 6.   6:41 pm—Johnny's Bar
  • 7.   7:27 pm—Marty's Apartment
  • 8.   9:17 pm—Amity Hall
  • 9.  10:32 pm—Peculiar Pub
  • 10.  11:29 pm—Blarney Cove (til 2:30am+)

The Blarney Cove, the magnet that always pulls the BBC back at the end of the evening.

Inside, this woman doesn't want her photo taken...

But this birthday girl isn't so shy and poses with Gene.

Here comes Terry with drink refills!

And last but certainly not least, Gene just sent in this photo from Pete's Diner where he and Terry were having lunch and who walks in but Shannon from last night! I told you Gene was stalking you Shannon! Two words: "Restraining order!"


July 30, 2011

I have to work late tonight and I have to work tomorrow on Saturday as well. Normally this would be a problem and I’d probably retreat to one of my Fortresses of Solitude, but tonight someone else is going out on the town for me. Two thirds of the BBC (Baltimore Bar Crawlers) are in town this weekend and for once it’s not Gene and Smoopy, it’s Gene and Terry. And as usual, they are on a tear in NYC. They pulled into town in the afternoon and ended up with a 13 hour BBC Bar Crawl Tour of New York City. Here's the itinerary:

  • 1. 1:31 pm—Walters Bar
    2:21 pm—Billy Marks West
    3:34 pm—Skylight Diner
    5:22 pm—Courtyard Ale House - Queens
    7:55 pm—McGuinness's Saloon - Queens
    8:27 pm—Gaslight - Queens
    9:56 pm—Duke's
    11:00 pm—Molly's
    11:59 pm —Blarney Cove
    12:50 am—Blue & Gold
    1:08 am—International Bar
    2:20 am—Maggie Mae's - Queens

And here's the photo documentary sent in by Gene. There's no captions because I wasn't there, view it like a silent movie of the BBC on one of their legendary bar crawls. It starts out in Penn Station and ends in Queens, with all the above bars and side shots in between. Take it away Gene!


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Four BBC Weird Nature Clips
Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys
Magic Mushrooms & Reindeer
Mexican Jumping Beans
Horror Story: Candiru: the Toothpick Fish

BBC Five, BBC Six,

BBC Seven, BBC Heaven.


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Bonus Photo From Crazy Eddie!

Crazy Eddie sent in this photo from the Howl Festival that happened earlier this summer in Tompkins Square Park. It's a full color painting of someone who looks a little familiar...aaaahhh!


July 29, 2011

Okay, yesterday in the comments section there was some comments about walking down the escalator as opposed to standing there and riding it down. I addressed it in the comments section and I’m going to write about it here as well, because as I explained to a commenter, I’m an obsessive nut about a lot of things and that escalator is at the top of my list.

So I understand that some people are in a hurry, especially at a place like Penn Station. People have schedules and if they don’t get to their platform on time, they miss their train. So you see people running and trying to cut corners to get to their destination. But I’d like to make a point and I think I’ll do it in pictures. I had to work late tonight and they want me to try and get in as early as possible tomorrow, so I don’t have much time to do anything tonight, so this is a perfect night for this. We’ll be there in a second.

Okay, here we go, off into the night in search of an escalator. The excitement never ends here!

And here we are at Penn Station. Now let's go look at something.

Okay, there's the escalator and there's some jackass yammering away on a cell phone. Let's forget about him for a second, no matter how hard that is to do. Yeah, say you're running late for a train or you need to use the bathrooms in here or you're jonesing for an Auntie Anne's pretzel, why wouldn't you run down this escalator and push people out of your way to get where you're going? After all, you don't have time to "dick around" like some of us and you have places to go and people to be. You're an important person and you can't waste time riding this thing while standing still. I totally understand except...

THERE'S A HUGE FUCKING STAIRWAY RIGHT NEXT TO THE ESCALATOR THAT IS FOUR TIMES AS BIG! God, I hate typing in all capital letters, but sometimes a point has to be made and I can't sleep until it's understood. Okay, tonight they're working on the stairs, so it's not the best of nights to make this point. But if you're in a hurry, why wouldn't you run down this ample space instead of knocking into people riding the escalator who aren't in a hurry? Yesterday, a commenter called people who stand and ride the escalator "lazy sows." Well a lot of nights when I ride that escalator I've just come off a twelve hour shift at work and I just want to ride the escalator and not have some asshole push at me, even though I'm standing as far to the right as I can. In a hurry? Use the stairs!

Another commenter (and one who seems like a nice person whom I'm not giving attitude to, just making a point here) said that you save time walking on the escalator because it's faster as it's moving and the stairway is stationary. I understood that point and decided to give it a test. I rode the escalator down and timed it and it took exactly twenty seconds for the whole trip, standing still. Next I wanted to try it walking down and see the time I saved, but since the stairs were closed it was too crowded to do it.

But the up escalator was wide open, so I decided to walk up and time it. It's the same distance as going down, so away we go!

And boom, here we are outside. And it was quicker. It took just six seconds to get from point A to point B. So we saved 14 valuable seconds by walking the escalator. Maybe that's important to you to get to your destination 14 seconds earlier, but personally I'll take the 20 second ride anytime and take a queue from my friend the Chillmaster and chill the fuck out for a few extra seconds. Why the fuck not?

While we're here, we may as well check out the greeting cards here at Duane Reade. In the past they've had some suspicious cards in this store.

Fuck you Ziggy! I'm just trying to make a point here!

You can't sleep? Well, I think you're in the wrong aisle...

You need to be over here, my dear, next to the beer. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

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Of Otis and Escalators

People Daily

Oh baby I was blind to let you go,
But now since I see you in his arms,
I want you back.


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July 28, 2011

It was just about a year ago that I went to Fedora’s bar and restaurant in the West Village. I had a great time drinking and chatting with Fedora, the 89-year-old owner. She told me tales from the old days, stories about Lauren Bacall, her husband, some of the people who had worked there and she showed me pictures of her great-grandchildren. In the end it was a bittersweet day though, because she confirmed the rumor that it was closing. She told me she just couldn’t do it anymore and who could blame her for wanting to retire? Not me. She told me she had sold it and said that the new owner promised her that they would keep the original sign hanging as a tribute to her. That made her smile and it made me smile as well. At least a small chunk of the past would be preserved.

So months passed, they gutted Fedora and brought in shiny new things and a highly polished bar and tables and chairs. Oh and within the first week they took the sign down. So much for promises. The new owner, Gabriel Stulman, claimed it was too old and damaged and was beyond repair. Hmm, I wonder how a functioning neon sign could be “beyond repair?" Anyway, they made a new one. Now everything had been changed by Stulman and nothing of the past is left. It’s all his and I’m pretty sure that’s the way he likes it. I swore I’d never go back, but I’m curious now as to what the new Fedora looks like, so that’s tonight’s destination.

Here we are at Penn Station, it's really nice out tonight.

This asshole woman just pushed me aside as she ran down the escalator. And there's a huge stairway to the left, I'll never understand this shit. You ride the escalator, you walk/run down the stairs. Pretty simple rules that some jerkoffs can never understand.

And here we are, the West Village, Fedora's is just a few blocks away.

Here's the new sign. You really can't tell the difference much, but it still sucks.

Let's go inside and get this over with.

Wow, it's completely unrecognizable from the original Fedora. And it's loud with stupid chatter in here. Everyone's trying to talk louder than the next person, really annoying.

A black leather banquettle and tables line the wall opposite the bar. Gabriel Stulman said he'd keep some of the old photos and memorabilia from the original Fedora, but it's all gone.

Lots of high-fiving going on in here. Woo and hoo.

There's a black and white picture of Jay Z in the corner where the pay phone used to be.

The bar is packed with the chattering masses.

And people texting and staring blankly and lovingly at their phones.

Here's the bartender having a passionate moment with his phone. I've had enough.

Two word review of the new Fedora: Vomit, eruptis. Obnoxious people talking two octaves too loud, fake-laughing at each other's ironic jokes in a loud and sickening manner. Those that weren't screaming at each other like wild hyenas amped up to the nines on crystal meth were texting and hypnotized by their cell phones. Music played in the background, but all I could hear over the loud chatter was a bass line reverberating like a ball peen hammer hitting a trampoline in an echo chamber. A chubby blonde woman who made it clear that she was from Chicago broke out into an impromptu dance between the bar and the tables and shook her head, hair and hips in a manner that brings a new definition to the words, "ridiculous and embarrassing."  Fedora's is dead. It's gone from a nice cubbyhole where you could escape and talk to real people and hear stories of the old days in New York while nursing a bottle of beer to an asshole emporium with an all you can eat buffet of everything that's wrong with this world. To quote Col. Kurtz and the final words in the fine book "Hell's Angels" by Hunter S. Thompson: "The horror...the horror. Exterminate all the brutes!" Zingo!

Here’s a paragraph from a review of the new Fedora on New York magazine’s website by Adam Platt:
“Let the feasting commence,” said one of the merry hipsters at my table, as we pondered the impressively gigantic “big pork chop for two,” which was smothered in pork meatballs, no less, and served with a stack of fluffy scallion pancakes. An equally massive côte de boeuf special was buried, not entirely successfully, in drifts of bok choy and Cantonese fried rice, and if you order the fried chicken leg, it comes over a pile of fragrant, faintly sticky sushi rice, with its gnarled claw still attached.

Merry hipsters? A big old pork chop smothered in pork meatballs? Oh my.

And here’s a few lines from a review of the original Fedora on the same website written by Kathleen Squires:

To nightly applause from diners, Fedora takes her spot behind the bar to serve up strong drinks, generous smiles, and a tale or two from the old days. So who cares that the mashed potatoes taste half-instant? You don’t come here for the food, after all.

Well, Fedora is gone and a bearded, pork-obsessed jackass who wants to change the neighborhood to something called, “Little Wisco” has taken her place. I don’t really have any reason to ever come here again. Look what they’ve done to your song, Fedora...better still just walk away and pretend this place just doesn’t exist anymore.

Further reading: Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, New York Magazine (old review), New York Magazine (new review), Grub Street (Note the third comment down from some wiseass!) and The Half Empty Glass.

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Four Celebrities Wearing a Fedora And One Greasy Dude
Humphrey Bogart
Keith Richards
Shawn Chittle
Cary Grant
Greasy Dude (Getting all handsy with Whitney Port. Is it bad that I have no idea who Whitney Port is? She sounds like a bottle of wine to me.)

You can't put your arms around a memory,
Don't try, don't try.


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July 27, 2011

Okay, it’s Tuesday, the night I go out in search of a swizzle stick. Originally I was searching for a glass swizzle stick, but now I’m finding that so few bars have them anymore, I’ll settle for any kind of a swizzle stick. Tonight I thought I’d try Pete’s Tavern. Pete’s is a classic New York Tavern that’s been open since 1864. It’s been used as a prototypical New York bar in numerous TV shows and movies and several  beer commercials have been shot here. One of the things that Pete’s Tavern is known for it that writer and regular O. Henry wrote the Gift of the Magi at the tavern, in one of the booths by the front door. You’d think a bar this rich in history would have swizzle sticks. And that’s just what we’re about to find out.

The internet is a magical place. One minute you're at the corner of 31st and Sixth...

And the next second here we are at Union Square Park. It's a nice night out and there's lots of people in the park. Okay, just a few blocks to Pete's Tavern from here. Off we go.

God I hate that fucking place.

And here we are at the legendary Pete's Tavern.

I always love it when bars have gold leaf lettering in the windows.

Lets go in and see if there's a swizzle stick in our future.

It's crowded for a Tuesday night, but I see a seat at the end of the bar and I see a familiar face...

It's Mike the bartender who we met last year on the bar crawl!

Sadly, there are no swizzle sticks here at Pete's. Oh well, maybe next week, in the meantime let's take a look around the joint.

Here's a shot of the bar from my perch.

The light fixtures overhead reveal a tin ceiling.

The bottles are lit up behind the bar.

Some of the draft beers available.

A copy of a book by O. Henry, a writer and a regular years ago at Pete's Tavern.

And here's the famous booth where he supposedly wrote, The Gift of the Magi.

Press clippings and vintage photos adorn the walls of the booth.

While this is good advice, I think Red Foxx's is better.

Okay, one glance out the window and time to call it a night. See you tomorrow after dark.

Pete’s Tavern
129 East 18th Street @ Irving Place

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Five Other Pete’s
Pete Townshend
Pete Seeger
Pete Rose
Pete Doherty
Peat Moss And The Fertlizers

No one respects the flame quite like the fool who's badly burned,
From all this you'd imagine that there must be something learned.


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July 26, 2011

Okay, tonight I’m off to a bar to search for something and this time it’s not a swizzle stick, that’ll be tomorrow night. Jaws designed some cool T-shirts with the patented, Sip Ahoy catch phrase that Uncle Waltie invented. I got one for myself and one for Uncle Waltie so tonight I’m going to go the International Bar and make the presentation. Eastward, ho! (And sorry about calling you a ho.)

Down into the subway we go...

And baboom! Through the magic of the internet, here we are in the East Village. The heat has finally broken and it's nice out tonight.

There's one little problem with this sign and the arrows pointing you where to play Lotto...

They point out to the street. Oh well, just watch out for traffic as you're picking your winning numbers.

Here we are at the International Bar and there's Uncle Waltie in the window!

He was seated window-side with Bill. Time to present him with the Sip Ahoy t-shirt.

Sip Ahoy!

And here we are modeling the shirts. Great work, Jaws!

Uncle Waltie has his on and here we are, brothers in Sip Ahoy land!

Okay, let's take tour of the bar and see what's shaking.

Here's Tyler at the bar.

Some of the lit up bottles behind the bar.

And look who's on the other side of the bar for a change...

It's Molly along with John on the left and DJ Mojo on the right. Cheers!

The Sip Ahoy sign I brought in the other week is a permanent fixture of the bar now. And I'm proud of that!

Here's Aislings, the super cute bartender for the evening. What a great smile!

Joe works the door and hasn't thrown me out yet, so the night is going good.

And as we make our way full circle back to the window, here's Uncle Waltie with the lovely Barbara.

Let's put some tunes on the jukebox.

The Yardbirds! I once drove to Memphis with the Yardbirds drummer, Jim McCarty, I'll have to write about that one of these days.

I had to put on a few Neil Young songs in honor of Al!

You know it's a true East Village jukebox when they have the Dictators, "Go Girl Crazy" on the jukebox.

And my last few selections were a few Sam Cooke songs.

Okay, after several rounds it's time to say, "Sip Ahoy" and head home.

Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

International Bar
120 1/2 First Avenue (Near 7th St.)

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Five Famous Catch Phrases
“These go to 11.”
"Yeah, that's the ticket."
"Is that your final answer?"
"Houston, we have a problem."

I can't get your love, I can't get satisfaction,
Uh-oh, little girl, psychotic reaction.


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July 25, 2011

Okay, tonight is both a reunion and a blog summit with my friends from the grand and lively blog, The Half Empty Glass. I’m meeting the two excellent writers of the blog, Fat Al and anonymous271 and commenter jco will be along as well. This get together was prompted by anonymous271’s longing for schnitzel. He wrote this post and then promised a week of schnitzel entries. I love schnitzel and was excited to read the upcoming schnitzel diaries of anonymous271. Sadly, it appears it was all a cruel joke, as he never wrote another word about schnitzel on the blog. He’s had a bit of a mean streak running through him ever since Katie trounced his ass at tic-tac-toe last year. A couple weeks ago I asked for his hand in marriage and he completely ignored me. I will address that tonight!

Alright, jco chose the spot, Hallo Berlin and it’s a place I went to on the old bar crawl last year. In fact it’s been over a year ago...flies are fun when you’re having time—I was there on May 23rd. It was bar number 133, let’s go see if it’s changed at all.

I thought I'd splurge and take a taxi there. And the air conditioner is actually working in this one, a modern day miracle!

Hello, Berlin!

Let's go inside and see what's what.

The bar looks just the same and there's plenty of seats.

And before I even sit down, I got to meet two of the pretty women who work here, Marie and Latoya.

There's comfortable chairs and tables up front.

And in the back room tables line the walls.

And in true beer hall fashion, there's a beer garden out in the back with picnic styled tables and umbrellas.

Meanwhile back at the bar Latoya helps a man with his takeout order.

A long shot of the bar.

Some press on the wall.

And even more press on the wall. This place has more ink than a cephalopod.

I love the Marlene Dietrich poster on the wall.

Some of the drafts available at the bar.

Hallo Berlin!

And hello Half Empty Glass crew! From left: jco, Fat Al (fuzzed out because if I reveal his true identity my life would be over before I hit publish on this blog post, it's a long story that you don't want to know) and anonymous271.

Despite the heat, we chose to tough it out and eat out in the beer garden.

And dinner is served. We all had the schnitzel in honor of anonymous271 And speaking of anonymous721, I decided to confront him about my marriage proposal...

And it turns out he's got eyes for Gumby. Oh Gumby, you ignorant slut! Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

Hallo Berlin
626 Tenth Ave. (Near 44th St.)

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Five Other Half Empty Glasses on the Internet
Pessimist Mug
The Half Empty Glass (I smell a lawsuit in the works!)
White Dove Books

In Berlin, by the wall,
you were five foot ten inches tall,
It was very nice,
candlelight and Dubonnet on ice.


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Bonus Danny Maness Book Alert!
My friend, Danny Maness has a new book out called, “Hitchin’—God’s Way of Letting You Know You Don’t Have A Car.” Danny Manny lives in Pekin, Illinois and is so crazy he actually makes me look normal, so you should really check out his book. It’s heelarious in places and heart-warming in the other spots. And there’s three spots that will give you an acid flashback, even if you’ve never done acid! So it’s got a lot going for it. Plus there’s great photos, original artwork by Jason Heath and I get an acknowledgement in it! What does my acknowledgement say? Buy the book and find out, you cheap ass! Click on this link and you will be magically transferred to the land of Danny Manny ManessHitchin’ Blog. Tell him I sent you and you’ll be charged an extra dollar!


July 24, 2011

Live, From New York, it’s Saturday Night Cheeseburger. Your host this evening is Sylvia’s and featuring the Ready For Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher. Ladies and Gentlemen, from all the way up in Harlem, Sylvia’s!

Okay, the last two nights I've stuck pretty close to home, so I thought we'd travel all the way up to Harlem tonight, in spite of the still blazing heat. I found a place called Chez Lucienne which is a French Bistro in Harlem that's supposed to have great cheeseburgers, so that's tonight's destination. I'm covered in sweat already and I've only walked three blocks so far!

Wow, it looks like a sauna down there. Away we go!

Goddamn it's hot down here and it smells like a combination of urine and moldy ass. Everyone's doing the heat stroke Zombie walk.

Come on train! Don't be in vain.

Ladies and gentlemen, The White Stripes!


It's a crowded car, but at least the air conditioning is working, so I'm not complaining.

And here we are, Harlem uptown Saturday night.

Alright, here's the place, Chez Lucienne. Let's go inside I have a powerful thirst and appetite by now!

Goddamn, it's packed in here!

The bar is tiny and there's not one seat open. Shit, time for plan B.

The Red Rooster is right next door and just opened last year. I've been meaning to check this place out, so let's do it.

The bar here is big, but there's not a seat to be had here either. Looks like I need to develop plan C.

And plan C would be the legendary Sylvia's restaurant.

Let's check it out, if there's no seats in here, I'm going to the nearest deli and getting a sandwich and a beer. I'm about ready to faint from heat exhaustion and hunger.

The main dining room is crowded, let's check out the bar.

I see the bartender and two pretty women...

And one empty seat! Eureka! Let's go snag it.

And here's the two lovely ladies seated next to me: Gabriella and Nneka.

The friendly bartender on duty is Blake and he's pictured with the pretty hostess, Grissel who we met last year on the bar crawl.

Here's Blake in action behind the bar.

Fresh cornbread is served, which means my meal is not far behind.

I know it's Cheeseburger Saturday Night, but you gotta get the chicken and waffles when you're at Sylvia's, it the rules. I'll get a cheeseburger next week, I promise!

Here's a picture of Sylvia on the wall...

The Queen of soul food!

Bottles of Sylvia's signature hot sauce lined up on a shelf to buy and take home.

President Obama enjoying the food at Sylvia's. He's here with Rev. Al Sharpton who got reflected out in my photo. Sorry, Al!

Soul royalty! The Queen of soul food with the Godfather of soul music, James Brown. I feel good!

That was a great meal and now it's back out into the heat. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow, after dark.

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Five Songs About Harlem
Spanish Harlem by Ben E. King
The Harlem Shuffle by Bob and Earl
Harlem by Duke Ellington
Spanish Harlem Incident by The Byrds
Harlem Hospitality by Cab Calloway and His Orchestra


Summer night in Harlem, man it's a really hot,
Well it's too hot to sleep, and I'm too cold to heat.


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