Lunch At Mike's Tavern

Okay, today I’m meeting some friends at Mike’s Tavern in West Peoria. Mike’s was the last stop on my 365 bar crawl last year and was my Grandpa Seitz’ preferred watering hole for his entire life. It’s going to be a bit of a bittersweet trip, as the owner, Tony Ward died somewhat unexpectedly a little bit ago. But I think he’d be happy to know that we all picked Mike’s Tavern to meet and have a few holiday drinks to celebrate the past, present and future.

And here we are, Mike's Tavern. The great thing is that this place never changes.

Let's step inside and see what's happening at Mike's.

And here's the familiar bar and I spy a familiar face behind it.

It's Tom the bartender serving up an ice-cold can of Miller Lite in honor of Biff.

Here's Roy, Tony's son-in-law who is helping to run Mike's these days.

This has been hanging behind the bar for as long as I can remember.

The infamous two-doorknob bathroom!

Here's a framed metallic tribute to Tony that was written by my friend Phil Luciano in the Peoria Journal Star.

And speaking of Phil, here he is pulling a Gene Simmons imitation with his beautiful fiancée, Karen. Now the party can begin!

Phil told me that originally this place was a barbershop for a brief time and these are the original tin tiles on the ceiling. The design is made up of circled shaving brushes. Very cool.

And if you want to have a seat in Mike's, here's some school desks to rest at. I think my Grandpa Seitz sat at the third one from the right. But only when he misbehaved in here. Which was often, from the stories I've heard.

I notice something while glancing back at the bar.

Butch's pizza! I haven't had one the whole trip, time to fix that...

I got one with everything and Tom cooked it to perfection. One thing happens when you put out a Butch's pie...

A crowd will show up. And here they are, from left: Moon, Webby, Joe Waugh and George Voorhees, who's shoes I scuffed years ago and he still harbors a grudge. (Not pictured are Homer and Erica, who trust Julie's version of the ending of Midnight Cowboy. Oh, they will be proven wrong!)

And here's the guest star of honor, the founder and guiding light of Waugh Foods, Joe Waugh, Sr. with his son, Joe Waugh, Jr. Thanks to everybody for showing up and sharing memories and stories from the past and present!

And of course we must end this with a toast to Tony Ward: To Tony, you're greatly missed! R.I.P.


Mike's Tavern

I had a great liquid lunch with friends today at Mike's Tavern. The entire post will be up in the morning tomorrow. I'd post it tonight, but I have to continue drinking family holiday obligations. I'll try and put up a night cap video at the end of the night. Most of you have to go back to work tomorrow...not me! Ha ha ha! Enjoy your evening!


Up On The Roof

My parents put up a nativity scene every year complete with all the characters: Joseph, Mary, animals and the Three Wise Guys who brought gifts of Andrew Gold, Frankenstein and Ethel Merman. Hey, what's that up on the roof?

Why look, it's little baby Jesus in his swaddling clothes. My mom always blames me for this, but I think he flies up there all on his own. He does have super powers after all.

Okay, I'm off to Mike's Tavern for lunch and a beer or three. I'll post photos from that later tonight, probably after dinner, so check back this evening if you can. It'll probably go up around 9 or 10 PM.


Merry Christmas!

A Christmas Carol.

Merry Christmas everyone! This is the only post I'm putting up today as I'm going to spend the day and evening drinking celebrating the holiday with my family. Have fun and thanks for reading and tuning in to MAD during the busy holiday season, I appreciate it!


Oh, Christmas Tree...

Here's the Christmas tree...and I think...

I see a Christmas miracle at the base of the tree...beer! Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and cheers!


Holiday CBBM Sighting!

Kari sent in this holiday CBBM lit up mutation. He doesn't even take holidays off. Aaahhh!


Can You Solve The Holiday Puzzle?

Have fun, everyone!


Self Portrait...