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New Year's Eve—9pm

Latest snack item: Onion crisps with port wine cheddar cheese spread, dusted with chili powder, half with salami, half without.

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Beer Consumed in this hour:

One 16 ounce Budweiser (hey, I’m pacing myself!) See you at ten!


New Year's Eve—6PM

Okay, here we go, the first annual MAD New Year's Eve party! I know a lot of people are out and about, so if you're reading this I appreciate it. Every year I do the same thing on New Year's Eve: I get a shitload of beer and some snacks, lock the door and watch The Twilight Zone Marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. This year however, one thing is going to change. Netflix now has all the Twilight Zone Episodes available for streaming, so I can watch my favorites all night long! I am the Master of my Twilight Zone domain! Let's take a little inventory of the party supplies now.

Here's my snack items: A loaf of miniature sourdough bread, a package of onion crisps, sharp cheddar cheese slices, some salami and some port wine cheddar cheese spread. I'll be able to make several different snack trays out of these ingredients. But what to wash it all down with?

Well, I think this should do the trick! I'll be back at 7 PM with another hourly update as we countdown to 2012!