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July 4, 2011

Okay, tonight I’m having drinks and a Sunday dinner with my friend, Paul Scanlon. I met Paul via last year’s bar crawl and you can read that right here: Paul and Marty on the Bar Crawl. Okay, let’s head off to Mumbles bar and start the Sunday off with a few drinks.

We're starting out a little early tonight, so it's still light out, but it will be dark by the end of the evening.

On my way to Mumbles I catch a glimpse of that god-awful T.G.I. Fridays across from Union Square Park How sad that it's still in business. Eat at local places, people!

And here we are at Mumbles Restaurant and Bar.

There's the bar and I see a couple familiar faces right off the bat.

There's Paul with a swizzle stick offering for the MAD swizzle stick collection. It's from the legendary Tadich Grill in San Francisco. Thanks, Paul!

And here's Hal the friendly bartender with an ice cold bottle of Budweiser. We can officially start the Sunday evening now.

A pile of Sunday papers sit at the bar.

Hal in action behind the bar.

A few drinks later and the lovely Sarah takes over behind the bar. In addition to bartending duties, Sarah sings and plays guitar in not one, but two bands here in New York. The band's are System Noise and the other is The Sometime Boys. System Noise are playing next Saturday, July 9th at the Parkside Lounge. Sarah told me they're scheduled to go on around 10pm. Go and check them out, I know I'll be there!

We decided to have dinner at Old Town Bar, a familiar stop here at MAD. Shit, it's still light out!

Usually it's crowded in here on Sunday nights, but since it's a holiday weekend, there's plenty of seats at the bar. Nice!

Booths line the wall opposite the bar.

They have a well stocked bar, here at Old Town.

I love vintage cash registers and this one's a classic.

The tin ceiling's are high in here and illuminated by antique chandeliers. A real slice of old school New York.

And Sunday dinner has arrived! I got the bacon grilled cheese and I think it's the best grilled cheese sandwich in New York!

Paul got the burger and fries and you can't go wrong with the burger in here.

And of course I have to take a shot of the massive urinals, which leads to...

Obligatory bathroom mirror shot!

And finally, it's dark outside. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

Further reading: Mumbles Bar, New York Magazine, Old Town Bar and Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York.

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Four Fifths

230 Fifth
Fifth of Jack Daniels
Fifth Amendment
Fifth of July

Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July,
Hey baby, it's the Fourth of July.


(Surprise link...click on it...I dare you!)

Bonus Cardboard Box Man Photo From Kari!
MAD commenter and Leaf Girl Blogger, Kari, sent in the Cardboard Box Man sighting on the streets of Salt Lake City. He’s everywhere...aaaaaahhh!