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April 17, 2011

Live from New York, it’s Cheeseburger Saturday Night! Starring Molly’s Pub and featuring the ready for prime beef player, Marty Wombacher. With special guest stars, two-thirds of the BBC (Baltimore Bar Crawlers), Gene Rubbico and Smoopy (hurry back, Terry!) And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s snack time and then on to Molly’s Pub!

Okay, tonight we have two special guest stars appearing, Gene and Smoopy, two thirds of the BBC. Terry couldn't make it because he's in rehab he had other plans for the weekend. Gene and Smoopy are coming over to my place, so I thought I'd make up a snack mix to enjoy. I'm a board-certified snackologist and here are the ingredients for tonight's snack mix: Two styles of popcorn, jalapeno and red chili; pretzel crisps; cashews and the all important spicy cajun trail mix.

First you have to get your board-certified snackologist bowl out.

Then you slowly add the ingredients in small batches at board-certified times. If you haven't been trained as a board-certified snackologist, please don't try this at home. Horrible things could happen.

After hours of careful additions, pruning, trimming and careful shaking, the snack mix is ready for serving. Now where's Gene and Smoopy?

And like magic, here they are, two thirds of the BBC, Gene and Smoopy! They were a little late, they had stopped at 3,679 bars and had had a little over 4,769 drinks between the two of them. I'm glad I had prepared the snack mix to soak up some of the booze so we could make it over to Molly's for a cheeseburger. I was starvin' like Marvin at this point.

After snack time, Gene took a picture of my furious little monkey and it was time to hit the road.

It was a cold and rainy night outside so...

We hailed a taxi to escape the nasty outside elements.

And here we are at Molly's Pub, the bar where I first met the BBC last year on the bar crawl.

Despite the rotten weather, it was crowded inside, but we managed to snag a booth.

And here's Gene and Smoopy settled in at the booth.

Here's our lovely waitress Joanne delivering me an ice-cold Budweiser.

These guys were seated next to us.

A long shot of the wooden bar at Molly's.

The floor is covered in sawdust. Hmmm, did they know we were coming?


And when I returned to the booth, dinner was served. Perfect! Here's Smoopy's cheeseburger. That's either provolone or swiss cheese on top.

And Gene, being the rebel that he is got a cheese-less buffalo burger on Cheeseburger Saturday Night.

I got the cheddar burger and onion rings.



And before you know it, we're back out in the rain. Smoopy leads the way to the next bar, umbrella in hand.

And luckily, just a half a block away we found the Pizza Pub. Memories!

Yam was bartending, just like on my last visit. And just like that visit, she didn't want her picture taken. She did however pour shots for us from her patented Yameson bottle.


And we ended up having a nightcap at Old Town Bar. More memories! We were reunited with America's cutest couple, Patrick and Colleen! Goodnight everybody adn see you tomorrow after dark!

My Meal
I got the cheddar burger with onion rings. While the cheddar burger was very tasty and huge, the onion rings stole the show for me. They had a really light and flaky crust and were cooked perfectly. The onions inside had a slightly sweet flavor and were the perfect accompaniment for the flaky savory batter on the outside.

Cheeseburger Rating
3 out of 4 Wimpy’s.

Molly's Pub
287 Third Ave. (Near 22nd St.)

Further reading: New York Magazine, NY Times, NY Citysearch and NY Eater.

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