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September 22, 2011

I’m taking tonight off from work, because tomorrow I’m flying back to Peoria to see my family and go to a wedding. I have a car service coming at 6:30 AM, which means I have to get up at 5:30 AM which means I have to start drinking right now to pass out get to bed early. So I thought I’d just take a few random shots around the apartment and then start boozing it up heavily getting ready to go to sleep.

Here's Gumby in his chair. He's going to stay back here in NY and watch my apartment. I hope he doesn't have any wild parties while I'm away.

Gumby in a cup...

Gumby in two cups and Pokey!

Presenting the entire Gumby family! They're bendable and poseable. And they are bad-ass motherfuckers!

And here's Gumby looking down at the two flashlights that Britta and Tom brought me when they were here a little bit ago. I forgot to thank them in that post, so I'm doing it now. Thanks, Britta and Tom! I'll be thinking of you during the next power outtage!

Here's a vintage cover of Creem magazine with Joan Jett on it. I think I've posted it before, but it's worth a second viewing. It's Joan Jett after all!

And another shot of Joan Jett.

Yeah Yeah Yeah!

And while we're looking at cool bands in my apartment, here's the brand new CD by The Handcuffs, "Waiting For The Robot." It's their best collection of tunes yet and you have to own it, that's all there is to it! It's available at iTunes and CD Baby. Check it out or I'll come to your house and drink all of your beer and have sex with some of your food.

I couldn't get a good shot of the cover, so I scanned it in. Very cool! Nice legs...and your's aren't too shabby either, Chloe! Har dee har har! Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

Further reading: The Handcuffs Discography, Atlanta Examiner and Green Light Go.

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You don’t have to keep asking if we’ve met before,
All that small talk really gets to be a bore.

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September 8, 2011

Okay, I’ve been a little behind on my blogging here, but there’s been good reason. Work has been absolutely nuts, I had to work late Tuesday and then double back and be in by ten in the morning Wednesday and the whole thing started snowballing Monday night. Monday night was Labor Day and I had the night off from work. For that night’s post, I was going to walk to 14th Street and see if I could get six people to pose for a photo and do my “Six Pack” feature. But as I was getting ready to go, what sounded like a bomb went off and it shook the building I live in. It scared the living shit out of me and about three minutes later I heard another blast go off. Then within a couple of minutes I heard sirens wailing outside. I didn’t really want to go out, I was scared of what was waiting, but I walked down the stairs and looked out my front door. When I looked outside I felt sick.

Firetrucks lined the streets, there was smoke in the air and throngs of people were spilling out on to the sidewalk.
I could see flames a few feet away in the street. All I could think was that this was September 11th part two. I asked a couple people what was going on and no one knew. Instinctively I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures. I remember thinking, “If a smart bomb went off on my block, this will be one hell of a blog. I hope I live to see all the comments!”

And so, the rest of the evening is documented in the pictures below. To quote Alice Cooper, “Welcome to my nightmare!

This was the view from my stoop. A little unsettling to look out and see this unfolding right in front of my building.

By now a lot of people are out here and no one is sure of what's going on. I can see a fire a little ways down and every now and again you hear a blast go off.

I just heard someone say a transformer blew up and it was under a car, hence the loud explosion noises.

It's smoky out here and a little nerve-rattling. A little too close to September 11th for this to be going on.

Water from this hydrant is spilling out into the street.

I went up to the firemen and asked if it was safe to be here. The one on the left said it was, but added, "If I were you, I'd get away from this for awhile." I thought that was a good suggestion.

And so off I went from my smoky block...

Out into the night.

And I ended up in front of one of the bars I hit last year on my bar crawl, Bunga's Den.

And there's a familiar face behind the bar, friendly bartender, Mark. Mark was a semi-regular on the bar crawl last year, not only was he on the Bunga's Den post, he was also featured here and here. Mark works every Monday in here, if you're in the neighborhood, stop by and have a drink and say hi.

The bar hasn't changed much from last year.

There's the lit up bottles behind the bar.

Alana was seated next to me and is a flight attendant who lives in New Mexico and is in town seeing friends. We had a nice chat with topics ranging from porn stars on planes, to Joey Buttafuoco to Mexican food.

After a few beers I walked back to my block to see what was happening.

Oh shit, it looks like it's been roped off.

A cop just told me I can't come back on the block, even though I live there. He said it would be opened up again in about an hour, Con Ed is working on the scene.

The cops are turning a blind eye on people drinking beer on the sidewalk until they can go home. I thought about joining them, but didn't really feel like standing and it still stunk of smoke there.

So it's back to the bar I go...

And Mark has a cold beer waiting for me. What a guy!

Okay, now it's closing in on midnight and the block is open. There's trucks and crews working and I see lights, so maybe we didn't lose any power. That would be great!

Fuck, the building is black. No power. I went in and it's hot and smells like smoke.

Oh well, at least I'm not the schmuck who parked over the transformer that blew up. I think this baby's totaled.

And of course people are taking pictures of it. It was probably all over facebook minutes later.

Three words came to mind while standing in my dark, unpowered hot apartment. Washington Square Hotel! It's Biff's hotel of choice when she comes to town, so I know it's nice...where the fuck has Biff been lately anyway? Biff? Biff...Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...

I'm really tired by now and just want to crash.

And here we are, room 907. The end of the night is finally near.


Further reading and watching: Con Edison, Huffington Post and YouTube.

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Four Things That Blowed Up Real Good! Neil Sedaka

The World

Brooke Shields

Homemade Cannons

 Strollin' on,
'Cos it's all gone,
The reason why.
You made me cry.

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Bonus Linkage From Crazy Eddie and Mike Trent!

Crazy Eddie sent in this link which shows some criminal activity from a certain friend of our here at MAD. Check it out here: LA Times.

And Mike Trent saw a similar item here: San Diego Charter.

Thanks for the links, guys, I have to go bail out Gumby now. It never ends!


July 22, 2011

Shit, this is a first. I’m just getting ready to go and I went to get my camera out of my bag and I must’ve forgot to pack it and left it at home. I had a plan for tonight, but I’m not going all the way home and then going out again, so I’ll do what I was going to do next week. So what about tonight? Well, I guess you’ll get some shots of my apartment. Hey, what are you going to do?

Okay, first things first, time to finally drink that Sol after repeated urgings from Britta and Clacky joined in last night.

And here it is, the lone bottle of Sol, finally out of the fridge.

And here's the oblgatory mirror shot of me drinking the beer. Cheers to Britta, Clacky and to all of you. And to Shawn Chittle for buying the beer in the first place!

A sip for Gumby.

And a shot of Gumby in the cup. He's a little more eliusive than the other Gumby and is reluctant to have his photo taken, so enjoy this rare shot.

This air conditioner is 8-years-old. I got it on sale from PC Richards for 93 bucks. I can't believe it still works, but it does. And on a scorching night like tonight, I'm thankful for it.

I think I've posted this picture before, but it's worth posting again, the "Funny Cry Happy" store on 14th Street. Sadly it's now a cell phone store. Ecch.

Joan Jett and a couple of Handcuffs buttons.

X-Ray Gogs, a present from Frank Scott, he'll probably be amazed I still have these. Maybe we'll even get a rare comment from him, but probably not.

Here's a Shamwow animal from my friend Ash.

A pile of books.

Here's an issue of Time Out New York where I wrote a story called, "16 Beers in 16 Bars in 16 Hours." Kind of a precursor for my 99 Beers book and 365 Bars. I got a cover line on the issue, so I was happy with that.

The first page of the article. Look at me with no grey hair!

Look at this old Life magazine with Charles Manson on the cover. I remember reading this as a kid and it kind of scared me.

Susan Atkins and Charlie Manson on the lead pages of the Life story.

A picture of a fat cat is the last page "Parting Shot" for the issue.

My two heaters, I won't be needing these guys for a while. Hey, what's that in-between them...


Further reading: MedicineNet.com, FamilyDoctor.com, About.com - Psychology and NY Apartments.

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Four Famous People Who Suffered With Alzheimer's
Glen Campbell
Ronald Reagan
Perry Como
Shit I Can’t Remember the Fourth One!

You're just a memory of a love,
That used to mean so much to me.


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Bonus Magazine Cover From Jaws!

Jaws sent in this magazine cover from 1979. It's the Progressive letting loose with the H-Bomb, a distant cousin to the F-Bomb if I remember correctly. Thanks, Jaws!


April 11, 2011

Okay, time for the Sunday night shop hop where I check out an independent business in New York City. Forbidden Planet is a store not far from where I live. I’ve walked by it probably thousands of times, but never entered it. I’ve always considered it a comic book store and while I was really into comics as a kid, I’m not anymore. But while looking around for a place to go tonight, I found out they sell a lot more than comics in there. They have books, toys and what appears to be some really cool inventory. And they’re open till 10 pm, perfect!

We'll go down 14th street to Broadway...

And baboom...here we are at Forbidden Planet.

There's a decent crowd in here for a Sunday night.

LIz was working behind the front register. She's super cute and friendly and you should note that five cents out of every dollar spent at Forbidden Planet goes towards buying her a second eyeball.

Okay, let's check out some of the books in here.

Anything connected to the Weekly World News is worth buying!

Wow, Dick Tracy's been around for 80 years. And he even survived that horrble movie.

You know Garfunkel isn't happy about this!

This is a great book about the history of newspaper comic strips.

And here's the manager of Forbidden Planet, Jeff Ayers. He started working at the store when he was 17-years-old and the store was across the street.

Check out the figurines in here. Smurfs and Simpsons and Dinosaurs...oh my!

I love the Ugly Dolls!

Lots of people browsing and reading in here on a Sunday evening.

And there's a second floor as well.

Let's go check it out.

More inventory! Let's take a look around.

They have a large selection of DVD's.


I love that Gumby bag!

Meanwhile, back on the first floor Bryan shows off the store's newsletter.

Check out the Marvel shot glasses, very cool!

I hate to be a critic, but this artist made Rosie's bucket head about two sizes too small. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

What I Bought
I got Jrumpy the Ugly Doll and a Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! magnet. I should’ve gotten the Gumby bag too, what was I thinking? I have to get back there!

Forbidden Planet
840 Broadway (@13th St.)

Further reading and watching: New York Magazine, facecrack, NY Citysearch and RB NYC.

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Five Weird Comic Book Covers
Betty And Me
The Rifleman
World’s Finest
Jimmy Olsen

Every day when I go out,
I tell ya I wanna groove.


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