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December 11, 2011

Live, from New York, it’s Cheeseburger Saturday Night! Your host this week is Phebe’s with special guest stars Gene and Terry from the BBC and The Ready For Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher. And now, please welcome Phebe’s!

Here's the special guest stars for the evening, Terry and Gene from the BBC. Smoopy stayed at home and was awoken by their non-stop texting.

For a snack item, I prepared a tasty, yet simple treat. Something I call, "White Trash Treats." Saltine crackers...

And Sleazy Cheese.

A tasty snack!

We took a taxi to our cheeseburger destination of the evening...


Here's the dark candle lit front bar.

But we chose to sit at a table with a view of the Bowery.

Here's the view of Phebe's from our table.

Paris was our lovely waitress, here she is with Terry.

And presto, dinner is served! Gene got the Backyard Burger and fries.

Terry got the sliders with Swiss cheese.

I got the same, but with cheddar.

I also got an order of Tater Tots, which turned out to be enough for the table.



Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

My Meal
I got the sliders with cheddar cheese. Good mini burgers and I also ordered the tater tots which turned out to be enough for the whole table. It was a good dinner and great service considering how crowded it was there.

In addition to the sliders, there’s seven varieties available at Phebe’s,
including: Chipotle BBQ Burger, Bison Burger, Grilled Veggie Burger and a Backyard Burger which is a grilled Angus burger topped with carmelized onions, marinated tomato, pepper bacon and horseradish mayonnaise. The menu also features chicken and steak sandwiches, soup, salads and some of the entrees featured are: Bangers and Mash, Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Macaroni & Cheese and Chatham Codfish and Chips.

Phebe’s has a large variety of bottled and draft beers and lunch is available daily from 11am to 4pm.
Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Cheeseburger Rating
Three Wimpys, a very good burger!

361 Bowery (Near 4th Street)

Further Reading: New York Magazine, The Feisty Foodie and Time Out New York.

Trash can murders,
In the black of night,
Trash can murders,
When will it be alright.

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Bonus Christmas Present From Lex!

I got a package yesterday from Canada and it was a Christmas present from my friend and occasional MAD guest star, Lex!

She sent me official Canadian mittens! Perfect as it's just starting to get cold here.

Lex's daughter, Lizzy designed this one of a kind Christmas card.

I put it in a place of honor, on top of my refrigerator between Pokey and Gumby! Thanks Lex and Lizzy, I can officially start the holiday sneezin' now!


October 9, 2011

Live from New York, it’s Cheeseburger Saturday Night! Starring Pop Burger Pub and special guest star Lex! And featuring the Ready For Prime Beef Player, Marty Wombacher. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, Lex and Pop Burger Pub!

My friend Lex is in town with her family and has a free night out, so she's accompanying me on Cheeseburger Saturday Night tonight. You may remember Lex from her appearance on 365 Bars and back in May on MAD. And we all know, when a guest comes to MAD Headquarters, snacks must be made. Tonight I thought I'd try a nutty mixture, here's the ingredients.

For this recipe you need two snackologist certified bowls.

The base is the Blue Diamond Jalapeno almonds.

Then slowly I add, shape, prune and mix in the other ingredients. As always, I want to warn you not to try this in your house, unless you are a board-certified snackologist. If you don't know what you're doing things can get messy and nasty real quick.

Three hours later the final mix is done. Now all we need is Lex.

And bingo-bambo, here she is, enjoying the snacks and a beer here at MAD Headquarters. Great to see you again, Lex!

Here's the cheeseburger destination for the evening, Pop Burger Pub in Union Square, a short walk from where I live.

When you walk in, there's a giant wall with a takeout window featuring the menu lit up all over it.

The words, "firm fries" were a little upsetting to both Lex and I, although we didn't really know why.

Lex poses with Christian, who's a busboy in the pub. A nice guy, the whole staff is friendly in here.

There's lots of wooden tables and seating in the spacious front room.

But Lex and I chose to sit at the bar in the middle of the pub.

Bartender Peter happily serves us up a beer and the night is underway!

The back wall features some of the bottled beers on the beer menu. Pretty impressive.

There's big wooden booths in the back, let's go say hi to these two women.

Here's Fayola and Jessica at their booth. They had just finished dinner and Fayola had the Superman Burger and recommended it, so that's what we decided to order.

We split an order of onion rings for an appetizer.


The Superman Burger lived up to its name. It was huge and we split one, which was good, because I could never have finished a whole one.

Thanks to Lex for hanging out with me on Cheeseburger Saturday Night! Goodnight everybody and see you tomorrow after dark.

Our Meal
At Fayola’s suggestion, Lex and I got the Superman Burger and it was...well...super! It’s a giant burger that comes dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and crunchy bacon on a fresh toasted bun. It comes with fried pickles, but we had them on the side. We started out the meal with onion rings and they were crunchy and delicious.

There’s two other kinds of burgers available, Pop Burgers, which are two slider style burgers and the Invisible Burger which is a portebello mushroom burger. Other entrees include: baby lamb chops; fish and chips; lobster roll with tater tots and a steak sandwich with tater tots.

They have a large selection of draft, bottled and can beer and if you have a sweet tooth there’s hot doughnuts and chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies available.

Cheeseburger Rating
Three Wimpy’s, a wonderful cheeseburger!

Pop Burger Pub
83 University Place (Between 11th and 12th St.)

Further reading: Grub Street, Steve Eats NYC and Go Craft Cans.

When we met I was sure out to lunch,
Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch.

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Bonus Photos by Gene Rubbico!

MAD pals and two thirds of the BBC, Gene and Smoopy are in Pittsburgh this weekend. Yesterday they visited the Flight 93 crash site and memorial, checked into a Bed and Breakfast and then visited 399 bars and had 2,947 drinks between the two of them. Here's some photos of their day and night. It starts out at the Flight 93 crash site and memorial, then the bed and breakfast and then onto some of the nighttime bar shots. Looks like a splendid time, thanks for the photos, Gene!


June 18, 2011

I’m too tired to even bitch about work tonight. I found out when I came in that I might have to stay until around four in the morning and damned if that shit came true. Now all I want to do is have a beer or twenty and go to sleep. I was exchanging emails with MAD commenter and one third of the BBC, Gene Rubbico and told him my situation. I also told him not to expect much of a post today. Well he sent me back an email saying that he and his wife Smoopy were just getting ready to go out and hit some bars and that he’d take his camera and send them in. Gene’s a better photographer than me, so I told him that would be great.  So today, Gene takes over the main section of the MAD blog. I was going to call it GAD for Gene After Dark, but then Smoopy thought of GAS’D, for Gene and Smoopy (After) Dark. Perfect! So take it away, Gene, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to GAS’D!

Photos and captions by Gene Rubbico

6:58 pm Banners—Locust Point, MD. The evening begins here!

Bartender Cheryl serves up a fresh Yuengling.

Long Shot of Banners.

Brick, photos and a long wooden railing at Banners.

Outside Banners.

The sun is a settin.' A nice summer night out.

8:36 pm - Down the Hatch - Locust Point, MD - one of the best dive bars around. Let's go in and check it out.

Dee is behind the bar pouring my Natty Boh!

Smokes and cash! It kind of sounds like a movie title!

Down the Hatch—smallest bathroom ever!

Smoops and a longshot of the bar.

Smoops flipping the bird fantastic!

10:02 pm - Little Havana - Federal Hill, MD.

Another cigarette machine. They're everywhere!

Smoops getting our drinks at the bar.

A view from downtown from Little Havana.

On our way to Tiki Barge.

What a nice night!

11:16 pm - Tiki Barge - Federal Hill, MD. A great bar!

View from Tiki Barge number one.

View from Tiki Barge number two.

Who dat?

Oh shit, look what happened to Smoopys car!

12:18am - Shuffles Saloon.

What the hell?

Big Al the bartender greeting us.

Inside of Shuffles bar.

Big Al and Smoopy at the bar.

Goodnight everybody!

What the hell?

Oh shit! UFB!

Further reading: 365 Bars, MAD and the BBC.

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Well, she's the girl in the red blue jeans,
She's the queen of all the teens.


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