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New Year's Eve—7PM

And the night is underway! I just watched the first Twilight Zone Episode of the evening and here's a recap for you.

Twilight Zone Episode: “Time Enough At Last
Starring: Burgess Meredith
From season one, episode eight.

Meet Henry Bemis. A man who loves to read, surrounded by those who scoff at the notion of the printed word. The bank customers ignore him, his boss admonishes him and calls him, “a reader,” and his hateful wife hides his reading material and destroys his books.

After a lunch break taken in the bank’s vault, Mr. Bemis emerges to find the inhabitants of earth are gone due to a nuclear explosion. He’s the lone survivor. Finally he has all the time in the world to enjoy the books he loves.

Sadly, with broken glasses, Henry Bemis is now, once again, void of reading material, forever...In the Twilight Zone!

“That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was, was all the time I needed...”

Number of beers consumed in this hour:

One 24 ounce can of Budweiser. See you at eight!