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New Year's Eve—8pm

First snack of the night: Toasted sourdough bread squares with melted cheese and salami and topped with a dollop of Sandwich Pal Mustard.

And this hours Twilight Zone recap!

Twilight Zone Episode: “What You Need”
Starring: Steve Cochran and Ernest Truex
From season one, episode twelve.

This is street peddler, Pedott, a man who has the unique gift of selling people exactly what they need to improve their life. Moments after he sells people items, they're lives change for the better.

Two-bit punk and hood, Fred Renard realizes the peddler’s talent and begins harassing him to give him what he needs to change his rotten life.

He demands to know what he needs and thinks he finds it by the look on Perdott’s face when he picks it out of his sales case.

Sadly he finds out sometime Pedott the peddler sells people what he needs, instead of the other way around, in the Twilight Zone.

Beer Count For The Hour:
Two 16 ounce cans of Budweiser.

Reader Comments (4)

Happy New Year to you Marty! Thanks for all the laughs thoughout the past year! Wish you the best for the next one! Cheers Pal!

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterProfessor Dungpie.

Happy New Year, Marty et al. I'm presently saddled with a visitor ( a most dear and lovely individual) who wants to go out and experience an EV New Year's Eve after going to Times Square for the ball drop. I've been trying to convince her that any night spent with me (platonically, of course) is like an EV New Year's Eve. (no jokes about the ball drop,please) So I'm gonna take her over to St. Marks's Place and tell her it's Times Square. Happy New Year to all of you beautiful MAD contributors and to the main man himself. I learned a lot about a lot of things these past 12 months. Now I have to go back and finish my soda, before the bubbles run out.

December 31, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterUncle Waltie

@Professor Dungpie: Thanks, Professor! Thanks for the yuks from your side of things in the comments section here! Happy New Year to you and your family and let's hope for a great 2012! Cheers, my friend!

@Uncle Waltie: "So I'm gonna take her over to St. Marks's Place and tell her it's Times Square." Ha ha ha! That's perfect, Uncle Waltie! Personally I'm not daring to leave my apartment tonight, too many fools out there! Great meeting you this year and look forward to tipping a few with you in 2012! Happy New Year, Uncle Waltie and Sip Ahoy!

December 31, 2011 | Registered CommenterMarty After Dark

How'd you make your mustard look like pretzels?

January 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

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