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Update From Gumby!








Okay, all that white space is there because Gumby has no arms and therefore can't type (the little freak!) I tried telling him this, but noooo, he had to be the big man and insist. Anyway, he failed, so now I have to do all the work!

I just wanted to put up an update about when my next blog is going to start. I'm pretty sure it'll be the first week of February. The blog itself is pretty well all set up, but there's a reason for the wait and I'll disclose it when I announce the blog. I hate to be Mr. Mysterioso, but I can't talk about it now.

I also need time to think of a bank of ideas for it, so I can start off running with some fun ideas and things to do.
"Boris" outdid himself and did the best banner I've ever seen, truly genius artwork! Thanks in advance, "Boris," you hit it out of the blogosphere ball park with this one.

So, I appreciate those of you who will stick around. Whenever you take a month off from blogging, you lose some people and I really appreciate those who stay loyal and keep coming back. You're the best and I thank you!

And now, what better way to kick off a weekend than Joan Jett covering one of Alice Cooper's best songs? Happy weekend!